My yacht rental Greece experience with Samboat

Greece is positioned at the joint of Europe, Asia and Africa. Located on the southern slope of the Balkan Peninsula, it has mutual limits with Albania in the northwest, Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria directly to the north, and Turkey on the furthest eastern point. The geographical variation of where Greece stands is not just by land, but also by sea. When renting a sailboat or motorboat, you’ll have the choice to see Greece by water on the Aegean Sea on the eastern part, the Ionian Sea on the western coast, and the Sea of Crete and Mediterranean directly to the south. A yacht charter in Greece is the perfect way to see all the environments and abundant amounts of islands.

Affordable and accessible prices

The concept is super nice; especially going through the website you pay 30% cheaper than through the traditional organization. You must of course, make quotes directly on their site because everything depends on the seasons, the number of people…But on average the boats are affordable daily, if you are 5, you can offer a boat day such not even 40 € per person! It's very reachable luxury! What's great is that by chartering a boat with SamBoat, they can provide you with equipment like wakeboard and buoys.

Samboat is the site of private boat charter with insurance included. A landlord can remunerate the expenses of his boat tranquilly and a renter can rent a boat, everywhere in France, for a lot cheaper!

Conditional rental

For occupants too, the promise is seductive. Thousands of ads are available and booking is just a few clicks away. Old tub, racing catamaran, comfortable barge, luxuryyacht rental greece... everyone can find happiness on the shores and shores of France and abroad.

The caravan

Located in the heart of the city, the Caravan is just a few steps from the main shopping street and lively areas of Thessaloniki. You won’t miss it during your trip.

Hotel Prytanio Olympia, Greece

Located in Olympia, within 1 km from the Archaeological Gallery of Olympia and a 20-minute walk from Ancient Olympia, Prytanio offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi. An ancient tradition of the country, it is dedicated to the culinary arts. Be sure to taste an extensive variety of the Mediterranean cuisine, including moussaka, Pastitsio, a traditional Greek salad with feta, or the most popular street food, Souvlaki.

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