David Saroni: Perpetuating the Ancient Tradition of Aleppo Soap in Turkey

David Saroni


The craft of soap making is an ancient tradition, one that has been passed down through generations and preserved by dedicated artisans across the world. One such guardian of this legacy is David Saroni, a craftsman whose passion and expertise bring the time-honored methods of Aleppo soap production to life in the heart of Turkey.

Discovering the Roots of Aleppo Soap

The history of Aleppo soap is as rich in detail as the product itself is in its nourishing properties. Originating from the city of Aleppo in Syria, this soap is renowned for its pure and natural ingredients, primarily olive oil and laurel oil. The craft of creating this soap is an art, one that balances time-tested techniques with the precision and care of the artisan. David Saroni's dedication to this craft not only honors the tradition but also ensures its survival in modern times.

The Artisanal Process Behind the Legendary Cleanser

The production of Aleppo soap is not a task taken lightly. It involves a meticulous process that requires attention to detail and a deep understanding of the materials used. The blend of olive oil offers a gentle cleansing property, while laurel oil provides a distinctive fragrance and therapeutic qualities. The soap is made by hand, following a process that has remained largely unchanged for centuries, which includes the saponification of oils, and an extensive curing period that can last for several months.

Why Is Aleppo Soap So Revered?

Aleppo soap is not only a product of cultural heritage but also a testament to the benefits of natural ingredients. The soap's purity makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and problem skin. Its moisturizing and healing properties are attributed to the high-quality oils used in its creation, making it a favorite for those who prefer organic and eco-friendly skincare options. The legacy of Aleppo soap, as perpetuated by artisans like David Saroni, is a reminder of the value of simplicity and purity in our daily routines.

Sustaining an Ancient Craft in the Modern World

In a world where industrial production is the norm, the work of artisans like David Saroni stands out as a beacon of sustainability and tradition. By choosing to continue the practice of making Aleppo soap in Turkey, Saroni not only provides a link to the soap's historical roots but also introduces it to new audiences. His work ensures that the craft will not be lost to time and that future generations can continue to enjoy the natural goodness of Aleppo soap.

Embracing the Legacy of Aleppo Soap Through David Saroni's Craftsmanship

Patrons of traditional arts and crafts can appreciate the efforts of David Saroni in keeping the ancient art of Aleppo soap making alive. His commitment to quality and heritage is apparent in every bar of soap he produces. By supporting artisans like Saroni, consumers contribute to the preservation of a craft that is not only a part of our history but also a sustainable choice for the environment and our well-being. In conclusion, the tradition of Aleppo soap is a journey through time, culture, and the essence of natural skincare. It is a tradition maintained by the skilled hands of artisans like David Saroni, whose work is not only an act of preservation but also an invitation to embrace the simplicity and natural benefits that come with using a product crafted by history itself.

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