Let me tell you about Samboat

Do you have a boat and want to win secured money with your yacht? Or are you in need of a boat for an outing on the sea? Samboat is the best place for that. Samboat is the best online platform that creates relationship between boat owners and boat renter for the profit of all. The platform was put in place in 2004 by two French, Laurent Calando and Nicolas Cargou who after developing it for some years sold it to Dream Global Charter global leader in the area of boat selling and rental.

The growth of samboat along the years

Samboat was first created to operate in France but by the Years 2016 the coverage grew to the whole of Europe. The influence of Samboat grew as a result of intense activities. In December 2017 Samboat is recognize by many institutions as leader in Private Boats renting along Europe. By July 2017, the online platform had more than 10 000 Boat online which when up till 25 000 in 2018 that which made of it an amazing institution worthy of trust.

Simple procedure of boat owners

On samboat you can easily put your boat without any charge on rent no matter its size. You just have to place your advert in few steps. Following this, you add all details concerning the boat while including its price and the intervals availability without forgetting the nice pictures of it.

Easy renting of boat

Online activities are very high on the platform and deals are made every day. So there is always a high percentage of benefit when your boat is online. After placing your advert; you will have to choose the best renter. For that, you elaborate your choice after receiving a booking request according to the experience of the person which represents his nautical CV.

Multiplicities of choices and places for the customers

When looking for boat, choices are multiples because the platform portrays multiplicity of boat depending on size, colors; class and even price. So on Samboat you can have motorboat, Semi-rigid Boat, Yacht, sailboat, catamaran and even Houseboat for big families. You can easily access the boats either in France, Corsica, Baleares, Italy or Greece. So just click on https://www.samboat.com/. Com and make your choice.

Costumer and owner review

At the end of each deal, the owner of the boat as well as the customer has the possibility to write a feedback on the service quality. So on one hand the owner can explain how fluid the procedure and on the other the customer can happily explain how he enjoyed the boat. These reviews give more credit in helping to create more relationships with different parties as they visit the site.

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