Hydrotherapy and well-being

Hydrotherapy is a way to heal yourself with water. For this, many city dwellers will be ready to treat themselves to a jacuzi tubs session to take advantage of this increased well-being to fight against stress and anxiety. As some prefer the spa, others a spa treatment:

The thermal cure

This is the best way to benefit from hydrotherapy knowing that a cure lasts an average of 3 weeks. Thus, the principle of spa treatment is based on the fact that all of the therapy will be carried out through the medium of water. To do this, water is used in several forms such as the spa or hot water immersion bath consisting of air bubbles for relaxation and massage jets to relieve body ailments such as joint or muscle pain. . We believe that the water used comes from a thermal spring, hence the richness of minerals having the virtue of regenerating a tired body.

Note that thermal treatments must take place in a thermal center far from the patient's place of residence. In the majority of cases, the spa treatment is prescribed by the attending physician to treat ailments of city life such as stress, anxiety and sleep disorders and sometimes even depression.

It should be noted that everything that comes from the thermal spring is used for healing: water and mud heated to a temperature a little higher than that of the body.

Spa treatments

Today, more and more households are investing in the home spa to enjoy well-being in complete privacy. To do this, some people turn their bathroom into a spa to make this room a duplication while others prefer to create a room dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

Spa treatments differ from spa treatment primarily because of the water used. If the one in the center is the thermal spring, the spa at home or in an institute will use running water. The spa will also have the virtue of relaxing and relieving the body through massage jets and whirlpools, but does not have the most thermal water.

Thus, in the institute, the bath session will be completed by a body treatment and a massage if at home, we would add a few drops of essential oils to enjoy the well-being offered by the magic of hydrotherapy associated with aromatherapy. .

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