An indoor jacuzzi or a large jetted tub?

The best way to unwind after a hard day's work is to relax for at least five minutes in your indoor spa. But what makes a jacuzzi different from a jet bath? Indeed, the majority of people do not know the difference between these two materials which seem to them identical. Here is an article that we propose to provide more details on the subject.

The whirlpool or jet tub

Nowadays, many manufacturers design this type of tub. There are all sizes, shapes and models on the market. With dual or single use, with an avant-garde design or even in vintage, there is a whole lot of choice. Here the jets reject air and sometimes the bathtub in question also release jets of pressurized water. These provide maximum relaxation and bring an even greater feeling of well-being. These water jets are much more efficient in terms of therapeutic massage. In any case, more than the equipment which expels only air jets.

The jacuzzi

There are also many models of jacuzzi on the market ranging from 1000 to 10,000 euros. Anyone can then get it. The jacuzzi tubs rather ejects water jets and not air jets. This totally promotes relaxation, disconnection and of course massage. Although the jetted tub also contributes to the good balance of body and mind, the jacuzzi further multiplies all the benefits that your body could benefit from.

In real time, these two devices produce swirling hot water. The difference is mainly in the name. It is then quite obvious that a jacuzzi can produce a whirlpool, but not all whirlpools are necessarily Jacuzzis. There are many jetted tubs on the market that do not have whirlpool jets.

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