What about a jacuzzi spa for your home ?

What's more enjoyable than enjoying your own jacuzzi spa at home? Hydromassage, relaxation and well-being: relax in your whirlpool as soon as you feel like it!

The different types of Jacuzzi

Do you want to benefit from your jacuzzi in your bathroom or in a room dedicated to well-being, inside your home? Do you prefer to relax outside? Both possibilities are possible! Simply choose an indoor Jacuzzi or an outdoor Jacuzzi.

For your home, there are combined jacuzzi tub or jacuzzi shower. In your garden, you can even have a swimming pool with integrated Jacuzzi.

Whether indoor or outdoor, your Jacuzzi can be portable (placed on the ground), or recessed, ie buried in the ground. Study first the possibilities of earthworks and the necessary budget for the works, if you wish a built-in Jacuzzi.

The maintenance of your jacuzzi at home

You have installed or built your jacuzzi at home? Maintain it according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

For the safety of all, cover your hot tub out of use. If children enjoy the hot tub, they must be watched carefully!

The good quality of the water is due to the optimal operation of the filtration, and the disinfection of the water. On the other hand, regularly monitor the water balance and its temperature. It is best not to exceed 40 ° C.

The cleaning of the jacuzzi is essential in addition to the filtration of the water. Just a vacuum or sponge every week in the tub of the jacuzzi.

Install a spa: the basic rules

Your spa must be placed on a flat, stable surface. Plan for water and electricity to arrive near your equipment. Consider draining water for spa water renewal and maintenance. Make sure the floor around the spa is water resistant and not slippery. If you want an indoor spa, the floor must also be waterproof and the room has good ventilation. Position your spa by providing free and easy access to the technical elements.

So, choose the type of jacuzzi that fits your needs and install it in your home or garden! To make the best choice do not hesitate to consult several offers.

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