How i discovered my love for insects

It was after hearing a friend talk about a company presenting its activity on the sale of edible insects, that I told myself that I had to test their products. So I tested. I like to make my own opinion of things, I hate to be influenced by any trend !!! This may seem surprising but I wanted to test because I had eaten before. I read on the net that more than 2.5 billion men eat. In Thailand, for example, insects are eaten like any other food. What at home seems unlikely at home is common.

The website has reinforced me

Not having the opportunity to go to Thailand to eat on the spot and having a hair afraid to buy on the internet from there compared to manufacturing and traceability. While searching a little on the net I of course found I therefore down to the site jiminis who fessait breeding and marketed via its website. The website confirmed me in the idea of ​​wanting to test, and finally I ordered locusts and it was good and even that I did not feel to eat insects to be honest. For my part I knew that I was going to be conquered. I had just a few apprehensions like when I was going to open the packages. I was afraid it smelled a weird smell that would have put me off but not actually. In conclusion of all the products that I have tasted and tested I am completely satisfied. I think it's a good alternative to eat less meat (although I know that vegetable protein also exists).

Why eat insects?

Insect consumption is still only an exception in European culture; while on a global scale, it is estimated that today, more than 2 billion people have been eating insects for thousands of years! Why should our Western societies follow this food habit? So I started tasting with the products of the company jiminis their insects are from farms.

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