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If you are like us, passionate about the sea and boats, here you are in the right place! On Samboat, you can navigate virtually through our advice, our tips, our practical information about the destinations that interest you and the boats that make you dream.

Renting a boat will offer you many advantages

You can sail where you want, if a year you want to go to Corsica it is possible and the following year you can go on a cruise in Brittany. Financially you will also win because the rental of a boat for a week for example has nothing to do with the full value of the boat. You can change boats as you see fit. When you buy your own boat this is not the case. There you can alternate between sailboats, catamarans or motor boats. Not bad !

How is the reservation?

  • If you are there, simply go to the port of your place of residence and contact the boat rental directly.

  • If you are not there and the digital world does not scare you, you can directly rent it online. Specialized and secure platforms will allow you to find a boat that will meet your needs.

What are the conditions ?

To rent a boat, one of the first conditions is to be in possession of your boat. If it is not mandatory for sailboats, it is still asked vis-à-vis insurance. The permit will be systematically requested at the beginning of the rental. One of the other tips is to take out an additional insurance from the one offered at the time of the hiring: so often the bank cards offer interesting insurances for the hirings, they omit often conditions of cancellation like bad weather.

So, if you like boating, but you have neither the means nor the desire to buy a boat, the only solution available to you is the boat rental.

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