Spa Aquatonic, relaxation for two

If offering a spa break is hypothetically a pure moment of selfishness, sharing this moment of fulfillment for two on Valentine's Day will be extremely light for lovers. For lovers in search of pleasure. A spa is a place that combines hydroponic space and isolation for two. We immerse without any fear! No need to travel to the seaside to take advantage of the gifts offered by hydrotherapy. The bubble baths at have inverted their skill in the legacy of relaxation and relaxation on the threshold of Paris.

Opt for a good relaxation for two

The spa of the European valley and its Italian aspect welcome you for a minute of relaxation turned towards balneotherapy. Here, a hydroponic space of 350 m2 shelters no less than 200 underwater jets for a restorative relaxation from head to toe. In this soothing atmosphere, you can then choose between distracting yourself in the Aquatic route and trying swimming against the tide (rougher than it sounds); or soothe yourself on the underwater sun loungers which with their jets rub you in the right rhythm from the neck to the arch of the feet, a real delight! There, between spurts, jets for the limbs, the kidney, the friction geyser, bubble bath ... water massage enthusiasts will be happy. And nothing is more ideal than to enjoy the jacuzzi externally, in the rays of the stars. Following this good swim in this hydroponic globe, relaxation follows in the Well-being corner. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a hot-cold moment with your lover, varying from hammam or sauna to cold bathing. You will continue your submersion in the blossoming around a tea or an infusion in the "lounge" corner. You also have the opportunity to relax on water beds in the blue glow of the relaxation room. And by way of conclusion, this minute of absolute relaxation, you will end with the treatment in the cabin for 2. In a private, intimate and pleasant space.

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