Install a jacuzzi on a terrace

Many people dream of having a jacuzzi on their terrace. Relax and unwind without being disturbed by the weather or the neighbors. What do I need to know to install a jacuzzi on the terrace? What to do next?

Decide to install a jacuzzi instead of the terrace

Wind, snow, rain and the sun pose dangers to your spa. To extend the longevity of your spa then, it is better to choose your terrace as the location. For all of this to be possible, you must meet certain standards and constraints.

Your Floor: The first question you should ask yourself is if your floor can support the weight of a hot tub. If one calculates the weight of all the accessories, the organs as well as the volume of water, a hot tub would weigh 2 tons. Not all floors can accommodate a jacuzzi for sale installation then. If you want to know what's going on with yours, hire a professional to study your case. To this value, we have not yet added the weight of users.

Before carrying out a hot tub sale, please verify that you can obtain permission for the installation. To find out the conditions for acquiring an authorization, you must visit a professional or a building expert.
Safety standards are enforced for the installation of jacuzzi on the terrace. Your floor slab must be reinforced concrete with a thickness greater than 10 cm. Next, you need to have a location that allows electrical and plumbing to be done easily.

Insulate your terrace well

To be safe from the elements and neighbors, you need to apply good insulation. You won't mind outside noise if you decide to install sound insulation at the same time. So that prying eyes don't get in your way, get visual insulation.
If you live in collective housing, these isolations are very important. On the other hand, the noises your pumps, heating system and jets make may disturb others. The same goes for the music you listen to during your relaxation sessions.

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