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Relax and embrace the health benefits

Spa, jacuzzi, hot tubs or hot-water baths, these are shower equipments equipped with nozzles propelling a mixture of air and water. Bathing in this warm whirlpool provides an immanent feeling of relaxation. It has effects that are simultaneously suitable for three different therapies, including hydromassage, balneotherapy and hydrotherapy (therapeutic benefits of water).

What is a spa?

Having an ergonomic shape, the spa is a kind of hot tub with massage nozzles. The inevitable and inevitable ally of relaxation, one can install the spa inside or outside the house according to the tastes and the desires. You may be wondering what differentiates a spa and a jacuzzi? In fact these are the same things. The two terms refer to a bath with hot water jets and bubbles. The spa is just a name derived from the Latin origin of the concept "sanitas per aquam" which literally means "health through water". The jacuzzi is a brand that has become a common language like so many others. So if you had a jacuzzi hot tubs for sale, you have a spa at your place.

The benefits of hydromassage

The passion for hydromassage has its reasons. The hot tub is heated to 33-40 ° C. Air bubbles mixed with water have a relaxing effect on the body. The mixture releases the body and mind from fatigue, anxiety and improves sleep quality as well as blood circulation.

Since it is possible to direct the orientation of the nozzles to the parts you want to relieve, you can eliminate the muscular tension on these parts. You can also relieve your joints if you ever have arthritis or osteoarthritis. The feeling of weightlessness will multiply your relief. Thus, you will reduce your back stiffness, your heavy legs and your lumbar tensions. Water jets remove toxins from your body, improve your digestive problems, reduce your migraines and help you fight against cellulite.

In addition, spa sessions are also an opportunity to relax with family or lovers.

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